Episode hunger games

Ok so, there is this hunger games simulator

what I want you guys to do is give me picture of your episode avatar or character you love, so i can put faces and names in there and let the games begin.

If you add instagram handle to reply, i will follow and probably try to befriend you.

This is the first round so I didnt come up with what to do with the winner, give me your ideas bellow

May the odds ever, be in your favor


I did this with my friends from school :joy: Give me a sec

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My name is Alana btw :sparkles: If you need another character you can use Zane too

My Insta is @epy.bby_naereboot btw

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thanks, also any preference for which district?

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Nope. I’m fine with whatever :two_hearts:

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Here’s my character :slightly_smiling_face: :kissing_closed_eyes:
And my insta’s @Sophieb_epi :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

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Here’s my character!

Instagram: @_superpup.episode_

Um Ik this is off-topic, but I’ve literally never seen the first character’s shirt before
What’s it called?

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it was recent art release, retro themed, should be available in the clothes section


It’s on the new update :sparkles: I don’t know

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here’s mine :heart:
instagram: @kaithelyn_writes

Ohh thanks

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Yeah it’s new

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if you still want

This my character avtar

This i is my mc