Episode Hypocrisy

My answer to liz:

Hey Liz,
So let me get this straight.
You expect from episode authors who have planned for months stories with crossovers, that have authors in them, include punching, to change that?
Well then, why doesn’t episode change that as well?
What about the crossover of positively princess with another story?
What about rhe explicit sexual content of " In my Bed…" that turned in to a “cleaner” version, still including sexual content that violates the guidelines? Or what about the glorification of assault ( like in My First everything there was a choice to hit a teacher with a car? ) or what about inapproporiate sexual relationships with teachers, step brothers, step fathers, dad’s /mom’s friends?
Oh wait, what about the fact that you have used famous people like cameron dallas, the dolan twins, the pretty little liars or copied movies like pitch perfect, clueless, mean girls and pretty little liars.
Shit, what about you stealing user’s stories.
Do instant princess and kisslist ring a bell?
If you want to make authors leave, at least don’t humiliate yourself in the process.
Why should they change stuff if you can’t?
Oh and let me not start about collegish about breaking the law and going to a college while being IN HIGHSCHOOL
Well that’s not something new, since almost all of your character’s on stories break laws.
But you are episode, so it doesnt matter right?



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