Episode ideas? What should happen?

My story is based on my wattpad book but i did something that isn’t in my book because back then when i wrote the chapters they were rushed and I planned 2 episodes but I forgot that I had to end it with a cliffhanger. Now I don’t know what to add in this episode and it will be short. Can you give me ideas. I mean ideas what the LI and MC to do. And please don’t tell a date because it will happen in the next episode.

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1)they can have a discussion on the events of the current chapter
2)they can talk about mutual interests (video games, books, fishing, cooking, biology…)
3)attend a class (if they are in school/college) and talk about the lesson
4) train together at the gym
5)play a sport that requires 2 ppl (eg. tennis)

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They say that if you have no idea what to do next, think of the worst thing that could happen …and make it happen.

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I already have planned cliffhaner

The ideas are amazing! Thank you I will use all of these ideas.

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