Episode iMessage group


Hey (:

I want to create an iMessage group for creators and future creators. A group where you get help, become friends or just chat. Some of us are better at directing, some of us are better at creating covers. We all have different skills - Let’s share them!

If you want to join - send me a message via the forums :revolving_hearts:



It’s not I message, but ‘The Members Only Chat Room!’ on here is like a big group chat for socializing as far as making friends goes.


I think this is a great idea… except the fact that I’m on android :joy:


Yeah, the Members only chat room is kinda the same thing…


Good idea! I can make episode edits/ covers if yall want one.


Can I see examples?





Here are some that I made to promote my story.


I haven’t actually made any covers yet, but I’m about to make one for myself so I’ll show you that when its finished.


Nice! Would you ever make one for me?


Sure, how would you like it?


Hmmm…I’m not sure let me think. Can you do classic?


I can sure try to. I’ve never dealt with classic before, so I don’t know if it will turn out as well as my edits from ink.





Closed as the discussion has gone off-topic. If you’d like to join an iMessage group feel free to PM the Original Poster of this thread. If you’d like to request or provide art please do so in the Resources section of the forums. Thanks! :v:t2: