Episode Indiana Meetup ~2019~


I know that there are a lot of Episode meetups happening next year. If I wanted to have one, I can’t because there are so many. The best thing that I could do is have a mini meetup in my state which is Indiana. If you live in Indiana or live in a state close to Indiana, please comment down below. I am a 17 year old girl, and I don’t know how to go about planning these things and organizing them. I need an adult’s help so if you’re interested in this, please comment down below.


Mmmmmm I’d love to go I’ll also be like 17 then depending on the month. But it does sound like fun!


I’ll be like 14. I would love to go.


Hahahahah I’ll ask my mom as a early birthday present. Since I’m close anyways this is a fun idea.


Haha my parents would never let me but I wish


Good ole parents :joy:


Yep. But if it were here then they would.


Okay thanks for commenting, but I need someone that’s older to help me plan this. Also, if you live in Indiana, we can try to think of a place to have this meetup in.