Episode Indigo's Contest

Episode Indigo Fashion Contest!

Hello Guys! Episode Indigo were thinking about making a contest hmmm…
This Art Group is very outstanding This contest isn’t just a Outline Contest.
It’s a contest where we want you to do a little bit extra than the other Contests. One of our members had decided to tell us about her Ideas and we have approved.

Are You Ready?

So let’s start with the Companies.


What you need to do:

Make a custom Water mark for Versace and a Water mark
For Episode Indigo.


What you need!

A watermark, A magazine cover with a episode character on it or a model doing this pose

and wearing this dress


MAKE character edit for the fashion line Channel.

Fenti Beauty

Needs a water Mark and a character edit!


Needs a Character edit for the line of MAC.

You can choose any company to enter your art in this contest!

  • Don’t steal other peoples ART!

  • No drama allowed!

  • Be creative!

You can choose as much as entries with different companies!

  • Hint choose Versace! lol I am so unfair!

There will be Five Winners!

1st place: get’s any kind of art they want and A shout out in my story.

The four other Winners : any type of Art they would like



DeadLine! August 16-29


Hey!! Dior here. Do you have my examples??

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Yeah gonna add them lol


Ok wait lemme send you the ones I want u to add

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I am going to join even though I am in this group lol


Uhhh… 4 Channel you need an episode interactive charector wearing one of Channel’s designer dresses? Lol, you have me confused

She didn’t write Chanel right. (I’m Chanel btw)

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Oh…okay…can ya answer my question tho lol

No just a character edit. But the character has to have a custom Chanel bag!!

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Oh, okay! …so the episode charector should be like a model?

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I have loads of questions…Sorry.
The charector can be any1 right?

Like any episode charector right?

Yes lol

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Yup, I am joining thankyou for answering my long list of questions lol

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I think she would like Ink

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Yeah, Chanel is ink only


Lol, I did what I understood, but I am pretty sure this isn’t what ya guys meant…


It’s awesome!!! That is what we mentioned

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Okay, cool then…can I make another one and enter both…? Also can I tag ppl?

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