Episode ink art catalog

I have been looking for ways to make my Episode (ink) story more realistic. I was looking through the clothes in the art catalog, when I saw something called “Underwear Bra Panty Lace Red”, and I wanted to use it for a specific part of my story. I was going to use it when the character chosen changes outfits, and instead of using just the dustoff_loop animation as I usually do, I was going to do dustoff_loop and then the character would change into the Underwear Bra Panty Lace Red and then dustoff_loop and change into the clothes they wanted to wear. I did that to make it seem not only more realistic, but to be a bit more advanced. I have no idea how to use the clothes in art catalog, in my story. If anyone could help with this problem, I would appreciate any feedback. Thank You!

HAHA, nevermind, I noticed that those were the clothing types for a limelight story…I will just have to work with what I have. WAIT! Is there possibly a way for me to upload my OWN clothing (without it being a overlay, because I know how to upload an overlay)…If not then oh well!

No, unfortunately there isn’t. D:

Support this idea here :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be an amazing thing! :slight_smile:

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