Episode [INK] Clothing Ideas (Girl & Boys)

Need ideas like casual outfits, work outfits, pajamas things like that to help me and others.:heartpulse:

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Just because when I make an outfit I end up hating it when I view my story… so I clearly need the help and I would appretiate it a lot! :joy::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:




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what jobs do you want for your characters?

These are far from the best buttt?? maybe aha x!

And if you do like these, i can create work ones? depends on the job though
Hope i helped! xx

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Thank you SO MUCH!!! I LOVE THEM OUTFITS SO MUCH!! Thanks for the help xx

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Hey there @Camilla_bella, I’m Sydney the moderator! Welcome to the forums. :grin:

I’ve moved this thread to Art Resources since you’re looking for outfit ideas. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

i’ll make some now if u need more, but u could always check out my thread haha:

—winter xx

@Camilla_bella hope u like these!! (:




this could be worn without the tank top.

this could be worn without the headscarf if the hairstyle doesn’t work with it.


Thanks i will!

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Wow i LOVE them thanks so much! x

You can check out my Clothes Shop if you want!

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You can go to my outfit shop called Pika’s Clothes!

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Can you help me decide on a child boy’s pajamas?