Episode Instagram Contest


Hi!! This is an Episode instagram contest. Basically all u do is make a FAKE episode intagram account.



~No taking screenshots of your Instagram.
~u should put pictures of your cover art, character edits, art scenes, and episode characters as your pictures
~No copying

Tag people down below that u think might want to enter


Not to be rude, but I don’t really understand the point or the game in general. I understand we have to make a fake instagram, with our edits and all… But that’s it? I’m sorry. I get confused all the time ! :woman_facepalming:


This sounds interesting…i’ll enter!

@Circe_dreamteam tag people?


My entry!



It’s not rude. The point is to make an Instagram account and the posts would be off of your edits and cover art.


Thank u so much for joining




I’m a little confused. Do we need to make a real fake account or edit the template that you gave and make ourselves a fake account on Instagram ? That sounds interesting btw !


It’s no problem, it was fun!


Got it! Okay I’ll join :blush:


You have to make your self a fake account