Episode interactive how to add "young" to a coustomizable name

episode interactive how to add “young” to a coustomizable name

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The template is: input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME), then you write in your dialogue [NAME] young.
Is this what you want?

I mean in some stories there are flashbacks and it says

young (name)

Do i type YOUNG [NAME]?

I’ve never done it, but you can try! Let me know if it works!

It didnt :sob:


You can try with YOUNG YOU for now…

In the meantime I’ll do some research!

Please do, because it doesnt work :cry:

Maybe this will help you…: Customized Name

the problem is that my character is also customized by the reader’s liking.

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Maybe tell them to customize a younger version of themselves and write YOUNG YOU in the char display

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You have to create a new character named “YOUNG YOU”. You can ask the readers to create themselves younger or put “@CHARACTER goes to character avatar” where they can go and customize their character like you do when you change your Episode profile character. Or you can put “@CHARACTER becomes male/female profile” where they become the character that their profile shows without having to customize first. Of course, you can use templates (@Dara.Amarie has made a lot) too.

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