Episode Interactive Is An Amazing App

I’ve always wanted to be an author, so much. I’ve had a pretty much difficult past, and wrote from my heart in my stories since I was about 12 years old on pen and paper. I thought to myself that I want to be an author deep down, just 'cos it was a huge escapism.

But I’ve just realised that, as much as I want to have the talent to write, I can’t write. I’ve tried writing on Episode Interactive within about nearly 3 years, and found out that I don’t have the talent to write. Please understand I’m not blaming Episode at all. I love this app so much. I’m addicted. But my ideas for my stories are not good so I can’t write. It hurts me to admit this to myself. I guess it’s like you are going to an audition for some singing competition, and your voice is not good enough or something like that, and you think it is good, but realize later on it isn’t.

I realized I can’t write. I’m not an author. I LOVE so many stories here from real authors and their amazing talent. You guys have that talent that I would so love to have. You’re so lucky to be gifted with this. I will continue to be an avid reader.

Thank you talented authors for giving us stories, 'cos they’re my escapism. <3 <3 <3 <3


I love episode too. But please don’t think that you don’t have any talent. Everyone has some or the other talent hidden within themselves. And also each of us are gifted with a special ability which we are or aren’t aware of…:blush:


Thank you so much Freya. You have so much compassion and humility. I always wanted the gift to write but I don’t have this talent. It’s okay though for me. I will move on and see if I might have other talents. Thank you so much though. You are so kind. God bless you so much for your kind words. <3 <3 <3


Not a problem!

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What is the reason you’re struggling to write? Is it the coding? Is it just putting it into words and starting it?
If it’s the coding, keep going don’t give up I went to college later on in life and remember sitting there at the start of a 3 year IT course thinking what the h*ll am I doing here! The students at the time were 10 years younger than myself, their minds could absorb more than my old brain haha. Frustrating and upset I left during my second year and this was all because of the coding! Since then I have self taught myself, there are some amazing books, forums, guides online that truly explained it all better than me being in a class full of people. This is long winded but don’t give up, keep going if I can do it believe me anyone can!

nothing is a born with talent. writhing, singing, dancing, drawing, it is practise.

to become an author you need to sit down and write. your first story is not gonna be good, nither is your second. but only way to get better is doing it.

advice to get better
write, write a lot.
see video tutorials on youtube
and most of all read books(audio books work too) you can not write if you dont read other publish work.