Episode interactive log in help

I need to log in a different email so i can edit a story, but i can only use my one email and not the other. Is there a way to sign in a different email?

Hi :blush:

If you’re on pc delete your history and it will ask you to login again then just find the option to add another email and login :blush: sorry bout that :sweat_smile:

It’s okay thanks

Wait so I have someone else’s email but I need her number anyway…and I don’t know what to do?

Wait? You have someone else’s email and you need her login and you dunno what to do ?

I thought you had 2 emails of which are yours and you don’t know how to log into the other? :blush: sorry trying to understand? :blush:

Yeah I can verify into her account. I’m just being shy because I already asked her about it and she didn’t respond.

If you have verified it where is the problem? What do you need from her ?
Or do you wanna log out of hers now ? :blush:

I need her number to verify the gmail account. I’m not in

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I’m laughing right now because I need her number and I’m asking you like an idiot😂

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It’s fine :joy::blush: I honestly don’t mind kinda entertaining :joy: so you need her verification number, unfortunately you will have to wait for her :joy:

Why are you using her email for the story any way you working on it with her ? :blush:

Yeah, have you worked in a story with anyone before?

No I haven’t :blush: I prefer doing it on my own but then that’s my choice I’ll send you a private message to continue this :blush::joy:


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Done :blush: