✨ Episode Interactive music theme categorization ✨

so I have WAYYYY too much time on my hands, and my OCD kicked in today so I decided to organize the music in the Episode Music / Sounds Catalogue thingy-ma-jig!

so here’s a google doc with a list of both the regular music and the short music from Episode in different theme categories!

(yes, I realized later that some people had already done this, but I was too far in.)

p.s. the doc has an outline on the side so that you can choose where to go and which theme you want to view!

(btw the themes are Victorian / Medieval, Happy / Upbeat, Sad / Unsettling, Eerie, Action, Background, Piano / Classical, Country, Club, and Mystical.)

also, for the new authors and coders, here’s a link to @Dara.Amarie’s post about how to use sounds and music for those of you who don’t know!

Feel free to comment any suggestions!
Hope this helps!


Wow thanks I will definitly be using this. :laughing:


THIS IS SO HELPFUL. thank you!!


Thks a lot

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omfl tysmm!! :sparkling_heart:

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Heyy Thankyouuuuuuu! This will be so helpful :heart:

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Nice! I’d add music_danger in the action too!

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Glad to be of service! And thanks for the suggestion @Alusza!!