Episode Interactive Not Secured?

I never said is wasn’t secured before? It happened yesterday and maybe hope it would go away the next day but it didn’t. It always been secured before and that’s weird? But right now the Forums is secured so I don’t know what’s wrong with the writer portal :woman_shrugging:t5: I’m a writer and concerned with this bc I don’t wanna catch a virus because of Episode :sweat_smile: If anyone have answers plz help me with this :grin:


I also just noticed mine says it’s not a safe site. Idk why tho


I remember Episode had a issue a few months ago with the site not working and some thought it was hacked or something…it may be that problem again but this time it’s not secured?

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@Sydney_H do you have an answer for this?

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Yeah I remember when that happened.

I’m not worried about this tho, just found it weird. :smiley:


Hiya! :wave: Very basically, “not secure” means that the data you’re looking at isn’t encrypted. It’s just sent plainly from the server right to you. Years ago, everything used to be “http” (unsecured), and now lots of things use “https” (s = secured). I didn’t notice it before, but it’s possible that something happened to their security key system (perhaps it expired or something).

Just because it’s not secure doesn’t mean it has a virus, it just means that if someone tries hard enough, they can read any data that you submit through it, or can tell that you’re looking at it.

So I’d personally avoid anything that involves sensitive info (bank info, etc) until it goes away, but otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much. :woman_shrugging: Undoubtedly you’ll get a shitton of Episode ads as the ad trackers see what you’re up to though.


I used https also yesterday but I guess it’s fine for now. It’s just the computer I do use has a history of viruses in the past :sweat_smile: :joy:

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