Episode Interactive Website Overheating MacBook Air

Whenever I am working on a script on my Macbook Air, it overheats. Does anyone else’s computer do this on the Episode Writing Portal?

Yeah, my Macbook overheats whenever I use the previewer. I try to avoid using it for that reason.

I have a MacBook Air too and when I write my story it overheats but it doesn’t bother me. All I do is save my story close, exit out, and close it. I just wait like a hour after that I start writing my story again and it’s all good.

i write on macbook and there’s a software called mac fan control that u can download and it stops your fan from making noise and helps with overheating.

I don’t have a MacBook but it’s overheating my laptop too :tired_face: I hate directing on my phone and I love Web Preview but often my laptop just freezes and it’s so annoying :expressionless:

Sometimes a device may not be powerful enough to handle certain tasks and the portal could potentially be very task-heavy… I’ve never written with the portal before so I’m not familiar with it but there are some things you can try.

You could try to close out all programs besides the browser when on the portal. Also, which browser do you use? That could be affecting the issue. Assuming that you’re running with the standard 8GB of RAM, I would try to use a browser that doesn’t consume as much memory. I don’t know which browser you’re using, but I know that Google Chrome, for example, is known to be a huge RAM consumer even though it’s one of the most popular browsers. Try using Safari or even Opera, as these browsers tend to use less CPU and RAM than Chrome does. Also, in addition to the programs, it is a good idea to not have a lot of tabs open as well. The idea is to make your device lighter when it comes to tasks.

If your laptop/desktop is making noise and is very loud or is overheating, there may be too much dust accumulated in the fans. Many don’t bother cleaning/dusting it out, but it could help with these kinds of performance problems. If you aren’t familiar with doing this, I would highly recommend getting someone who specializes in that to get it done for you so you don’t do any unintentional damage; computer (or repair) shops may be useful for that.

Also, there may also be lots of bloatware (pre-installed programs) on your device (could be running in the background) that you don’t even use that may be slowing down your system, in turn causing the overheating. Some programs are required for your PC to run, so try to check to see what a certain program is for (use google) before deleting it so you’re 100 percent sure. I clean install my laptop from time to time for these reasons. Removing programs or files that you don’t use, or backing them up to another hard drive and removing them from your PC, may be helpful. Try to update your system whenever you can. Updating drivers aren’t always necessary, but it might help.

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My MacBook Pro does the same thing when I’m using the prewiever. After a while it often sounds like it is going to explode. I’m trying to use the prewiever only for spot directing and preview everything else on my phone…


Might want to consider submitting a ticket regarding this. Make sure to specify that you are referring to the previewer website and not the forums. Thanks!

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