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Here i am with another idea thread, review episode authors/readers and people who are in this community. If you want to be interviewed reply below with your character deets Limelight or ink doesn’t really matter and i will message you with questions and post the interview here (that’s your choice)

Feel free to ask any questions :+1:


Great idea!

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Skin: Rose 02
Brow: Round Medium (Chestnut Brown)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept (Brunette Brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Black)
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Wide (Pink Beige Matte)

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I would loved to be interviewed! Here are my character details in Limelight:

Skin Color: Neutral 04
Eyebrows + color: Round medium + deep brown
Hair + color: Medium curly solid + brown black
Eyes + color: Round medium + brown dark
Face shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Round button
Lips + color: Full heart pouty + red deep gloss

Thank you in advanced! :innocent:

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I just wanted to say that this is a great idea! And I’ll put my LL details soon :blush::blue_heart:

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My Limelight details:

  • Body: Gold 06
  • Hair: Afro
  • Hair Color: Honey Blond
  • Face: Diamond Soft
  • Eyebrows: Straight Medium
  • Eyebrow Color: Black Dark
  • Eyes: Deepset Downturned
  • Eye Color: Brown Dark
  • Nose: Hooked Grecian
  • Mouth: Medium Straight Natural
  • Mouth Color: Pink Warm Gloss
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This seems fun, I’ll put my Ink details!
Writer and a reader

The pose is going to be idle_happy

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WIth @RainbowCat

Name: Dreamer/Cat

Question 1: Are you a reader or a writer?
Asnwer: I am an author but i started as a reader

Question 2: How many stories have you written? And what are their names?
Answer: I am writing two stories. My first one is Dreams and Nightmares and my send one is Project Humanity, both of them aren’t completed yet.

Question 3: How long have you been writing?
Answer: I started writing dreams and Nightmares last September. Project humanity was for the Adventurous contest, so i started in March

Question 4: What’s your favourite story you have read on episode?
Answer: That’s a difficult question, but i’ll go with Damaged Goods. Although many people say it;'s just another cliche story, there’s so much that makes me love it, it’s really unique in my opinion.

Question 5: What inspired you to become an author?
Answer: I was always looking for stories to read, but i always found something about the plot that i didn’t like. Someday, a friend said if i know how a story to be, then i should just write my own, so that’s what i did. I’ve always been a reall creative person, so i should have know that i’ll end up as an author.

Question 6: What’s your episode pet peeve?
Answer: About stories: Bad direction, i mean really bad directing. Authors should at least try to get the easy stuff right.
About readers: Don’t judge a book by it’s first episode. You can’t know if you like it or not, many stories get better after the first 3 episodes

Question 7: Have you ever gotten writer’s block?
Answer: Honestly, no. I know many authors struggle with writer’s block, so i’m glad i’ve never had a problem there :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the inteview

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With @kahotshot

Question 1: Are you a reader or writer?
Answer: I’m both, but I’m mostly a writer.

Question 2: What stories have you written so far and what are their names?
Answer: I have 5 stories. They’re called:

Publicity Problems
Video Game Champion
Capture the Moment
Thespian Theatrical

Question 3: How long have you been writing?
Answer: Over 1 year. It’ll be 2 when August comes.

Question 4: What’s your favourite episode story you have read?
Answer: Right now, I would have to say my favorite story is Delinquent by Josca Denise

Question 5: Do you have a favourite character in your stories?
Answer: I do. In my stories, my favorite character would be Harry Stevens, the protagonist of my first story, Projection! .

Question 6: What is the most difficult part of writing for you?
Answer: I guess the most difficult part of writing would probably be writing the scenes and making them long and relevant as well as engaging. It’s probably because you have to plan things while keeping consistency. An outline helps some, though.

Question 7: What advices do you have for the new writers?
Answer: My advice for new writers would be to plan out your story before writing it and practice your directing. This will help your story be engaging and fun to read, as well as clear. And practicing directing and coding will help make your story more, and it can teach you how to make it complex and you can learn branching.

Thanks for the interview


My details:

  • Body: Neutral 3
  • Hair: Medium Side Curls
  • Hair Color: Deep Brown
  • Face: Male Generic
  • Eyebrows: Male Generic
  • Eyebrow Color: Deep Brown
  • Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken
  • Eye Color: Brown Black
  • Nose: Grecian Narrow
  • Mouth: Medium Heart
  • Mouth Color: Beige Rose
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Body: Rose 02
Brow: Arched Thin (light brown)
Hair: Lob Bangs Blunt (light brown)
Eyes: Female Generic (blue deep)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty (pink warm gloss)

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Update: Sorry for keeping u wait guys, i have final exams and haven’t been able to interview, i will start again when i can
@SilverRose @GSG.episode @irishpotato


It’s okay, I can wait. Revise well!~ ^^

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No problem. Good luck with your exams.

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Sure! I’ll keep my fingers crossed :blush:

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