Episode iOS App Version 17.00 Update

Sorry, I think I misspoke. You can still share the story link that you can access in your portal, but I’m assuming (because this update sounds similar to an update that Android users had last year) that you won’t be able to go onto the app and copy the link of a story to share it. I hope that makes it more clear!

I might be wrong, again, this is just my assumption based on the Android update.

Also, keep in mind that the post says this is a temporary thing. I’m sure the features will be returned eventually (but if the Android update from last year is anything to go off of, don’t expect the features to be back for a few more updates lol)

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No no no. Link still works, relax

Or else this HUD shouldn’t exist.


I bet they will remove fanmail for more than a year… just like they did to android :unamused: I don’t even remember when we had fanmail… it was sooooo looong ago


same, i just realized that.


I think it means getting rid of the bundles for passes and gems where you get x amount more for x dollars. I could be wrong, though.

@Episode_Rayna the emoji will still be in your stories and you don’t need to remove them. While this update is in process emojis in stories may appear in grayscale rather than full color.


VIP is staying.

Why are you guys talking about the portal, this is about the iPhone.

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Yeah, and some Andriod users, get fanmail from IPhone users to get feedback on their stories. So without it, how are we going to get some feedback? Hm, I guess Instagram, probably. or maybe here on forums. :thinking:

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What’s vip version?

Amethyst VIP version is where you get 10 gems in welcome gift, you get two gems a day, unlimited passes on all stories, unlimited replays.

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Hey!! I just would really like some new outfits on episode profiles, I feel like that they haven’t had any additions since I started episode (2018)
I really think it would be cool for an update!!

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Well, well, well. You guys actually did it! :sob:

Story credit: The Passenger by @ely.writes


You only get 10 gems initially and then 2 gems daily?!
But you get unlimited passes on all stories.

My VIP grants 50 gems initially and 10 gems daily.
But mine has unlimited passes on Episode Originals only.

Are they priced the same?! Because I’ve never seen the Amethyst option.
What’s up with that?! :thinking:

ugh I used the fanmail to see my the exact amount of reads, now imma have to actually use my laptop. I can only imagine how android users are faring :unamused:

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They’re priced the same and it’s all the way at the bottom in the place where you buy passes and gems

Oh, only one VIP option appears for me. But maybe that’ll change now that I gained the “shards” update.

The Shard currency only appeared for me last night. And I know others have had it for a lot longer.

Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer the VIP package that I’m currently on… because I prefer to collect gems, since I already have 100+ passes… and I don’t often read more than a few chapters per day, anyway. [Barring the past few days, because I’ve been helping SWY contest entrants out. But on a regular day I don’t read very often.]

But I was curious about the other option. :blush:

I understand that it is some technical issue why the features ware removed and I really hope that especially the fanmail will be back soon. But I am bit doubting that since for how long its gone on android.:thinking:

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