Episode is Hiring!


Hello Episodians,

Episode is hiring! There are two open roles on the team and we think someone in the community might be a good fit. Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old for these positions and you must be in or willing to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area. Remote work is not available for these roles

The roles are:

Player Experience Specialist

Visual Storytelling Scripter

With love,

The Episode Team


I wish I wouldn’t have needed to relocate! This would have been such an amazing opportunity!
Good luck to who ever applies!


I hope you guys find someone. I am interested and old enough but unfortunately, I can’t relocate across the country. :sweat_smile::cold_sweat:


Good luck finding someone! I would love to, but sadly, I am too young.


Damn, I’m too young


Let’s hope the person/people they’ll hire or accept from is black or atleast any other POC.


I would love to but I live in Florida. Good luck to whoever does get it.


Two young damn it.


Yeah the whole relocating thing kinda sucks. Good luck to those who apply.


Well i am 18 but im not in tht area. Good luck finding someone though.




I highly doubt that will ever happen :unamused:


Eh, hope it pays A LOT if they want you to live in San Francisco Bay …


oof. in the right area, not old enough. oh well!


cries on the floor because isn’t 18 years old and doesn’t live in America


Good point, haha.


@Liz, I’m not saying I would apply, but I’m willing to move to the US and I actually have some quite relevant work experience, so out of curiosity: would you help with the relocation fees if someone applied from another continent for example?


I’d love to, but I need to be older and I live in New York.




Can I cry? This is my dream job yet when there is an opportunity, I can’t do it because I’m only 13 and I live in the UK!! :sob::sob: Hopefully when I’m 18 I can move to the US and work at Episode.