Episode is Hiring!


I made a real deep calculation. :joy: If Episode pays me 10,000$ per month, then I could work for them like 3 days a week :joy: flying with airplane once a week to San Francisco :smiley: that would work :laughing:


My kids are yelling: mom let’s move to America :joy::rofl::smiley:


I live in the US but …
A.) I already have a career and
B.) I hate big cities :smile:


I’m pretty sure she wants a black person or other POC because the episode team doesn’t have any black people in it (at least I have never seen one EVER) and it shows because the amount of choices episode has for black people is scarce and embarrassing. We black people are an afterthought to episode when it comes to being portrayed in stories or when making new features for the writer portal. Perhaps them hiring a black person might change that in some way.




This is the Pocket Gems team:


My point exactly, this explains a lot


You can find a POC professional, just saying. It is possible. I would apply myself if Episode ever opened an office in the UK.


People are so ignorant. Like there isn’t any professional POC that can be qualified for this job.




And I think that having different ethnicities, races, religions, sexualities, genders, etc would really give Episode a new perspective and help bring out some unique aspects of all different cultures. Having a diverse staff means diverse ideas. It’s a good thing for any company. So I hope diversity is one of their ambitions that they have in their mind when they’re hiring.

It doesn’t have to be their only ambition, but adding some diversity to the staff would be a great thing. I hope all out POC friends on the forums who live in the area apply!


I see no lies. :thinking:


Same :joy::joy::joy:


I saw this job offer a long time ago, and I’m quite surprised that you still didn’t find no one :fearful:

I would move to San Francisco in a heartbeat :joy: only the working visa is a problem.


No position as art director

Interest vanishes


I’m not old enough to work OR relocate XD dang it


California is pretty diverse. Hopefully that could happen


:thinking: Now I have the temptation to move to the US.


Don’t do it :smile: :smile: :smile:


:laughing: Yeah, I think I’m gonna stick with Canada for a little while longer :joy: