Episode is Hiring!


Don’t do it :smile: :smile: :smile:


:laughing: Yeah, I think I’m gonna stick with Canada for a little while longer :joy:


Hit every criteria except for the last. Wish I could relocate :grin:.


I’m like 4 hours away but I ain’t tryna move nowhere :woman_shrugging:t5:


I’d apply for the job but I live all the way in the UK


I’d apply but I just moved back to LA a few months ago.
Maybe someday. :sweat:


Cries in 13 years old


Old enough, could relocate (got fam in that area that I could live with) but… That’s a lot.


I could apply and could move but… Nah I like my hometown


Everyone is like “I would apply but I have a problem with relocating”

Me “I would go broke just to leave my town, unfortunately I don’t meet the age requirement”


Agreed. Too bad I’m not old enough.


Damnit why am I broke now.

Plus after looking at these replies, I could move anywhere but I’m too lazy to sign up.


same :sweat: