Episode is kind of "cropped" on my phone

Okay so I’m not really sure what tags I should’ve used, but I recently got a new phone and obviously downloaded episode onto it, transferred my account and all was well and dandy. but then I started reading a story and the screen was kind of cropped in a weird annoying way, like it didn’t take up all of my screen.

This is very confusing so I’ll show a picture

sort of looks that there are “black bars” on top and underneath.
does anyone know how to fix this?


Honestly I have never seen or experienced this Maybe it has something to do with a story you read or The app itself if it is the app maybe try contacting the Episode team or ask @/Sydney_H but if it’s non of those then I’m sorry but I don’t know what is happening sorry


Hey, so I got a new phone too a while back and I switched from IOS to android and I started having the same thing. I think it’s just something to do that it’s an android but I don’t know.

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Do you have an android?


You can’t fix it. Those black bars are there because your phone screen is bigger than the episode’s original screen size. I have it too and it is completely normal.


That happens to me on my iPhone 11.
It’s not a bug.
I say it actually provides a slight cinematic experience!

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yh I do actually, but so was the phone I had before…

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ohhhh right makes sense. I was starting to think something was wrong. I’ve been using it like that for a couple hours and it’s alright tbh. thanks for clearing that up for me tho :slight_smile:

I have it too bt i think it looks great, like a movie :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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welcome back to community @Precious.epi :innocent:

I agree w @/Angel.L, since my device doesn’t fit/is larger than Episode’s original screen size, that’s possibly why the black bars are there.

Although, it does give slight movie theater screen vibes!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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For a while episode wasn’t available to be downloaded on devices that are too large for the app. But I think they just accepted after a while.

It will be a pain in their behinds to make every story stretch for larger devices.

I suggest they add a new guide bar for large phones along with the regular phone and tablet guides.

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I thought that was normal I have it on my new phone.

It’s not cropped, your new phone probably has a larger screen than your old one. I had the same happen to me when I went from an iPhone 7 to iPhone 11.

I noticed this too I think it has something to with the recent update.

your phone screen is too tall and not wide enough :woman_shrugging: