Episode is not opening with me

I tried opening the app more than once and this message keeps on popping up to me. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, still the same. And when I went to check on my settings about the Support ID and datas., They’re not written.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

Did this start happening today? Have you recently updated the game?

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wait, i did reinstall the app without saving my support data and others… does that mean i can’t get them back? Because whenever i try opening my settings for the support data, i do not find it.

I did update my game to the latest version, and this problem has been occurring from 2 days ago.

This happens to me all the time. The main reason - you can play Episode only when you are connected to WIFI.
For example, when I am using Episode outside my home without WIFI it doesn’t work.

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You can send a ticket take a screenshot and send it to them. I think it could possibly be a bug.

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I’m sure that whenever I’m playing episode, I’m always connected to the wifi.

Alright, will do! Thanks.

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Honestly, then I don’t know. But try turning on and off your wifi and entering the app again before sending them something.

Alright! Thanks.

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Hope you can sort everything out! :green_heart:

The same problem has been happening to me and to my best friend I have internet but it’s not working

if it ever worked with you again, please tell me what you did so that it worked.