Episode Isn't Reviewing My Overlays And Background

Okay okay i know this sounds like im impatient ,but episode hasn’t reviewed my overlays, backgrounds and story covers in like a max of 5 days they usually do it in a period of 3 days i know i know they have a life but why is it taking so long? Do I Have Too Much Things To Review?

They probably just have a tonne of backgrounds to review atm. The usual wait is about 4-5 days, so they’ll probably be getting round to yours soon.

Thank you! :yum:

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Not only do they probably have a lot of backgrounds and overlays to approve because of the announcement of the new creator contest (tons of authors starting new stories) but with everything going on in the world right now, they probably had to transition to remote work which probably took a little bit to set up. This most likely created a short backlog. I saw an author on IG say that the current approval time seems to be about 8 days.

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