Episode keeps crashing when hitting “reset story progress,”

So I’m trying to preview my story and want to refresh from the beginning, but when I hit “reset story progress,” the app crashes. When I get back on, the episode continues where I last left off and or believes I need to use a pass to read my own story. Am I the only one who has this issue…?

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Hey! I’ve had issues where I’ve tried previewing my episode story and it believes I need a ticket - in those situations I usually x out of my story and open it again and it works. Maybe you should try deleting and re-installing the app?

the same thing happens to me, but once i go back into the story through the app all the progress is reset. but like @Kaiaa said above, try deleting and re-installing or just submitting a ticket if it doesn’t work for you :relaxed:

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Same, my app keeps crashing whenever I hit the reset story progress option…