Episode keeps crashing


My game keeps crashing. I get thrown out of the app as soon as I open it. I have this error since weeks now. I submitted a ticket and they couldn’t help me. Because I never got a response. Please, does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I’m seriously running out of ideas.


Which device are you using? I had the same problem when I was using an old iPad of mine, and because of the OS, the app kept crashing every five minutes. I wasn’t even able to read a majority of the stories. When I later upgraded to a better device, everything seemed to be working just fine.


I’m using an iPhone X. So this can’t be problem.


I have the same problem right now and episode also never responded to me. Have you fixed your game? I’m searching online now if I find anything I’ll tell you


They actually responded to me after I had sent a second ticket. Maybe you could try and send a support ticket again? Maybe this time they’ll get back to you. Now my game works again.


Didn’t they fix it for you or did u do something?


They fixed it for me.


Hi!! I have the same problem too… episode keeps replying with various options but none of it works. It’s getting irritating now