Episode kicking me out everytime I try to play a scene?

It never did this before, but as soon as I played this scene with only 1 overlay it kicked me out of the app and it constantly keeps doing it. I’ve uninstalled the app, I don’t know if there’s way to much coding to where my phone can’t handle it, but it won’t let me play the scene. And it can’t be a coding issue as I’ve added scenes with even more coding than this one and it played fine. I’m doing a mirror reflection, and Ive done this before in my story. How should I solve this?? Do I submit a ticket, currently haven’t had much luck with those. But hey I guess it’s work a shot, I don’t know at this point.

Hm what device are you on?

Maybe update episode?

I’m on iOS. iPhone 6s Plus to be exact :sweat_smile:

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There’s no update available

I have the same phone hmm send a support ticket. Wouldn’t hurt. They will eventually have to get to it.

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I have the same phone and the same problem! I coded a scene with a mirror as well and it kept lagging and kicking me out. I think it may be because reading the scene is too long? I noticed that it lags a lot when I spot direct everything, my beta-readers noticed this too

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