Episode lenght? :)

How long would u suggest an episode to be? Like how many lines? :slight_smile:

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The minimum is 400+ to publish so over that is fine like 1000 or something?

okay thank u! :stuck_out_tongue:

Around 1, 000-1,500 lines, usually Episodes are 10-15 mins in length, so I would suggest testing out your story to make sure it is that long : )

i will do that! :smiley:

No problem :smiley:
And you have a typo in your title-it should say “Episode Length” not “Episode lenght” : )
Just thought I’d point it out!
Good luck with your story!:heart:

About 1000 lines. If you can’t do that then just do 800 or something like that. But as @JemU776 has said if you want a long episode 1.000-1,500

You NEED 400 lines to publish, but I recommend 1500+ lines so that your readers get the most out of it :grin:

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