Episode Lighty! Are looking for some artist!


Hello everyone welcome to Episode’s Lighty Joining thread! I am the president of Episode Lighty of course!
This art group isn’t just about normal people doing art. It’s about Family and fun!

Episode Lighty Need some artist that are very foward and doesn’t start any drama!
Since school is here I understand that some of the artists will be out. But one you do this interview by yourselves you are going to get better!


On this thread you have to write me a paragraph or anything that You love about art, what language do you speak and etc.
So when you write me a paragraph you will improve in writing some good essays and reading…You just need to add your little light in there to shine! Make your paragraphs shine! It’s just like signing up for a job! You need to tell us somethings about you and what art are you good at.
If you need any help with this please tell me!

Tag anyone interested in joining!!

With all love! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:






Entering! Soon


Yes! Thank you! :grin:





Wait what’s this?


Yay… I liked that name most!!!


(She choose it for me…and others… @Adam.Epy and…)


I’d love to!


Just give us what you got!
Everything about you!


What do I love about art? I love everything about it. Practice makes perfect. Art can be made anywhere, anytime and can be improved if you practice enough.

Failure is the key to success, so don’t worry if u fail, keep trying till u succeed. Making art can be for yourself, or for others. It is a joy to make art, and the feeling you get when u finish drawing, is such a nice feeling.

I know a few languages but the main ones are English and Mandarin. I don’t really speak in English but I do in my mind. I speak Chinese to my friends irl.

I joke oftenly but there will be some times where I’ll take it too far so pls tell me if I do. I am kinda laid back and all and just love to chat with friends online. I enjoy both making art and chatting online. Chatting with friends makes me feel o much better whenever I have a bad day or anything.

I don’t really make arts nowadays unless I feel the motivation(which is kinda rare) to so I don’t really do requests. Tho, I can make splashes, edits, profile pics and some art scenes. I don’t really do art scenes tho, cuz I don’t think I’m good enough yet.

I hope this is good. Thanks for reading. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is awesome!!!
The best that I have seen…the first!


Thanks :innocent:


Do you have any examples of ya work?


Lemme look for them


WellnI began as a Backgrounds artist on the Forums. Believe me, I loved it and still do! It was like having my dream job years before! Later I saw more famous artists on Instagram making these bomb edits, I slowly became s copy and paste kind of girl :joy:
But it was part of the process, I take time everyday to make an edit so I can practice and yesterday I feel like I really improved! Just do it!


Lol that’s amazing too!
Same girl same!
I know how your work looks so I’m not even going to ask…


What do I love about art?: The thing is, everyone automatically assumes that if you want to be artistic you have to know how to draw… and yes, it does help a lot if you can draw, but anyone can be artistic without having to even pick up a pencil. Like, to me makeup is an art, being able to do makeup beautifully doesn’t mean you know how to draw. Anyone can be an artist.

My main language is English, but I can speak Spanish and A little bit of French.

I don’t say I have a realistic art style, but it’s not real cartoonish either. I just do my thing and hope it comes out the way I want it :joy:

I’m very saracastic, but I know when to be serious if it’s something important.

I do play volleyball, which can take up some time, but I always have time for art, and that’s what is most important to me. I started digital drawing about 4 months ago, so I’m not very experienced with it, but I give everything I have in every piece I make.


Any examples? If work? Lol…