Episode Lighty! Are looking for some artist!


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Those are awesome!!!
I really like the episode one!

My examples

I finally found them


They are awesome!!


Thanks again.






Tf why did I not see this!




Lol…my pfp matches my feeling



Episode Lighty are going to make their First Thread soon!


Okay so here so my “paragraph”
I love art. Why. Because I started learning to be able to join a art group. That are now my closest friends. And that’s special to me. Did you know that, that art group was the jungle later named Greek gods but did you know that @Firely_epi was the leader? Probably not. We were quite small but we loved art so we thrived. I love all my friends and most importantly I love helping people and I think art I’d a great way to do just that.
@Firely_epi there’s your paragraph. Happy?




Thank you.