Episode Limelight - PARTY/CROWD Script Templates?

I am looking for a party/crowd script template for my LIMELIGHT story. Can someone pls help me? Thanks :wink:

hi! brenda has a party template which you can find in her linktree. after clicking on the link, click on “Party Template (LIMELIGHT)”. make sure to credit and follow her on instagram, she’s a life saver!

how to use it?

(1) copy and paste the template into your script
a. you can put instead of, for example, @MALE1, your own character name
b. …or just use the default names and let the script make some random chars for you
(2) finished!


Has anyone managed to do this? I’m new to this all… so far going well now I’m trying to 5 people into one scene, but with no clue on how… Help would be much appreciated.