Episode Log In Error Solution!

Hello, so I recently started using the episode app (after I haven’t used it for a long time) and noticed that I was logged out of my profile. I tried logging in(via Google), but the log in error message “oops, something went wrong" kept popping up. I tried Facebook and I’d get a message that said I’m using multiple accounts and lastly I tried using Apple log in (iPhone Users) and it wouldn’t do anything.

Last night, my sister suggested that we could solve this issue by restoring to another device from my phone to her phone. Now, if you’re going to try this method, you must read this:

  • You need to have two different episode accounts (two devices).
  • Make sure the person you are going try this with, MUST screenshot/save their own username & password! (Very Important)
  • Screenshot/save your username & password (just in case).
  • Make sure the other device doesn’t have this log in issue.
  • My sister and I are IOS users, so I’m not sure about ANDROID users (but you could still try!)

Now let’s proceed on how we did this:

  1. Go to the other device (someone’s else device/different device).
  2. Go to settings > restore from another device AND type in YOUR username & password.
  3. Now after you restored, go to profile > Log in (via Google/Facebook) as usual and now you’re logged in right! (this is important step)
  4. Just keep on using the other device (like going through stories, search up something, etc.) for few minutes.
  5. Log out from the device you just restored your info at AND make sure they restore back THEIR info (their own username & password).
  6. Go to your OWN device (the one you have log in issues on) and restart the app. Now if you tried to log in, you would get the error message, but give it sometime and do NOT open the episode app.
  7. Later, when you get in the app, you would notice that the app might have restarted back to the main loading page on its own, after you accessed the home page. After few moments, you accessed the home page & you would notice the profile icon loading! press on it and you’re now logged in! (it has to log in on its own since your episode account is connected to your google/facebook account)

I hope this works for everyone. Let me know in the comments!
I would be very happy to know it worked!

Much love, theodore <3