Episode London 2018 MEETUP!

Well hello there lovely people of this community,

So just recently a few authors have planned and will be organising an official Episode meetup in
LONDON CITY at July 28th, 2018 (Saturday).

It will be an open event, meaning EVERYONE (authors, readers, editors etc.) is welcome!
We’d all LOVE to see you there. FYI this is mainly going around on Instagram so I decided to set up a quick forum post to involve the whole Episode community, including those who do not have an Instagram account.

Several attendees will be speaking (like public speaking, the kind that makes you stutter and your heart race lol) excluding me cause I’m a sack of potatoes especially when it comes to public speaking :sweat_smile: and there will be plenty of enough time to chit-chat, ask your favourite author(s) the questions you’ve been dying to ask, get some personal tips & advice from authors and editors alike, fangirl over your episode crushes with your fellow readers, make new friends and simply have a great time altogether!! It’ll be so much fun I can smell it already.

To give you a little snippet of several authors whose presence have already been confirmed:

  • Bronte (Meetup Organiser) known for her stories H&V: Eros and Becoming Queen Bee.
  • Lucas (Meetup Organiser) known for his stories Dirty Sexy Teenagers and How To Stop Cupid’s Arrow.
  • Katrine (Meetup Organiser) known for her stories Becoming You and Rising Star.
  • Andrienne known for her stories The Gambler and Dream Job: The Tension.
  • Viola known for her stories Dark Dreams and Destined.
  • Naemi known for her stories The Lovely One and Enemies With Benefits.
  • Sandra known for her stories Moving In and Love & War.
  • Mette known for her stories The Teacher and The Assassin: Femme Fatale.
  • JOSEPH EVANS (sorry ima fangirl) known for his stories Soulbound, The Secret of Rain and The Last Goodbye.

… aaaand of course many more to come!


oh right I am an author too hi i wrote tangled love but no one cares i know lol bye

So far, we already have over a 100 attendees! And we would love it if you’re going to be part of raising that number :wink: :relaxed:

If you cannot be there, we understand! The UK isn’t geographically reachable for everyone of course, and we know there are costs that need to be taken into account. But don’t sweat! We’ll be live-streaming the whole thing (we’ll try at least) so you can still be there in spirit :heart:

Comment down below if you’ll be joining this VERY FUN EVENT (ok sorry i sound like a crappy ass promoter i swear im just excited) and don’t forget to confirm your presence by signing up on the website! Click RSVP and fill in your details, takes like 2 minutes.

Anyways, thanks for your attention and we look forward to welcome you with open arms!


Wow, sounds cool! And I love tangled love :wink:


I am planning to go (lmao I’m so young compared to anyone else) but I am waiting for them to release the location because I want to get a hotel close by … (being from United States who hasn’t been to out of the continent, I think that would be best xd)


This sounds SO FUN, I would literally cry if I met Mette - this would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, I live in the U.S. :frowning: excuse me while I go cry in a hole.

All jokes aside, I know this will be an amazing experience for those who attend and I hope that more of these will happen soon!!


Good call! If the location is known, I’m sure there’ll be a hotel where most people from abroad can stay at and go there together :blush:

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I think I can attend, I live in the North-East, but I have some family in London who I am visiting :stuck_out_tongue: Do you know where the venue is?

some people are against this since it’s an open invitation and anyone can come it can be actually dangerous you can’t know who might come…

(I don’t live in the UK but honestly it’s pretty close I was there bunch of times it’s like 2 hours flight to London but I really wouldn’t)

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I’d have loved to go but I’m only 14 and my parents probably wouldn’t let me go.

And did anybody hear about the Bronte/Anneka/Winter drama? That’ll probably put you off…

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I have to ask because I’m curious now :thinking: Drama?

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@pea @PerplexedJam
That drama has already died down and the two have made peace (so should everyone else). It got blown up due to social media -obviously- and the story had been a little twisted when in reality there is no “danger” / hacker or whatever. Don’t believe the first thing you hear! When there’s a fight there’s always two sides to a story and those not involved do not know the whole story, so don’t judge based on rumors. I do understand your concern but trust me, there is nothing to worry about and a lot of us older authors attending will do our best to make sure the whole event stays as safe as possible!

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I don’t tend to interfere in drama to be honest.
I’m 23, I went to an all girls school for 6 years so I’d much rather avoid it like the plague than re-live those awful years :joy:
When there’s an issue between people, it’s best to butt out of it unless involved but sadly, when it’s made public, everyone has an opinion on a subject they know very little about.


I’m sure there will be security precautions, you can’t life life in fear xx


Tangled love is amazing! I’ll hopefully be able to attend. I’ll drag one of my friends along too! Excited to meet y’all! :grin:

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where will you be live streaming?

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You’re the sweetest! <3 I would’ve loved to meet you too! :relaxed:

I live an hour and a half away from London whoop

Aw, that’s a bum! :frowning: I’ll be going live on my personal (@noellamei) but the official dedicated Instagram page @episodelondonmeetup will definitely be going live too! So you can still spiritually be there with us!!

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I’m sorry!!!

But I’m fangirling over Adrienne and Lucas!!!