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We are opening requests on the forum again.

  • We only do Limelight & Ink Styles
  • Requests open will remain open until we have too many requests they will temporarily close and re-open when we have caught up.
  • All requests will be completed by the following weekend.
  • Please make sure you fill out all details on the form or your request will not be completed if you specify something ensure you put all details don’t leave anything blank regarding your cover (do not post images of your character feature here your request will be disregarded)
  • We will not find a background for you so ensure to state your background.
  • Please do not post your request in this thread use the form listed below they will be disregarded if posted on the thread
  • Please do not post on this thread unless you are advising us you have sent a request.
  • Only request if you are actually going to use our covers we don’t want to be a choice out of a bunch you request. If we notice you’ve requested on multiple threads just for choices we will not complete your cover.

To request please use this Request Form here


Small Covers
Large Covers


Request completed for @_hxxd you can collect your cover here


Thank you so much

Hey, I hear you are good with large covers. Well I got a request for you.

TITLE Gone For Good

Genre Romance with a bit of Comedy

Quote “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
― Mae West

Charectar details

Outfit- Festival Halter Dress, Chunky Sandal Heels, Light Blue Chunky Neckless,
Pink Boho Bracelet

Blue Boho Feather Earrings
Hair Straight (Chestnut)
Face Soft Heart
Eyebrows Seductive Arch
Eyes Upturned Feline (Purple)
Nose Elven
Mouth Full Round (Cherry Red)
Body Ink Female Tan


Outfit- Ripped Punk Pants, Dark Brown Pattern Pullover Sweater, Violet Utility Boot,

Hair Unstyled Faux Hawk (Black)
Face Dimond
Eyebrows Thin Arch
Eyes Stoic Almond (Brown)
Nose button
Mouth Uneven
Body Tan


ALICIA- Foward_Flirt_wink
LIAM- Disapointed

I guess I want the backround to be peaceful? (I’m really bad at descibing stuff)
Make it a sunset or something…

DESRIPTION It is already hard enough being the new girl in school but how will Alicia resist when hot, sexy

Sorry please fill out the form.


Wait, do you also make limelight covers? x’)

Yes we do Limelight and Ink only


Oh okay, thanks! :slight_smile:

Request completed for @chelliebelliex you can collect your cover here

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Wow, it’s so pretty! Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Request completed for @lindow_window you can collect your cover here if you want the male character to be in the actual wink action let me know and I will fix it


Oh my gosh, I love it! And no, you don’t need to change anything. :smiley: Thank you!

So glad you like it :slight_smile:

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If anyone had a problem requesting due it being temporarily closed it is now opened again.

Request completed for @diana_writes you can collect your cover here

Do you do background requests?

No sorry we don’t.

Temp closed catching up on requests

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haha My thread is closed too due to catch ups.