🤪 Episode Memories 🥰

So it’s been a little over 2 years for me since I’ve been here and I’ve had really great memories.

I’ve had people come and go, I’ve had people hurt me but I’ve also had people who lifted me up.

I’m so thankful for the friends I made:

…and many more! :vampire:

You guys are my closest allies ever and I love you with all my heart. I also appreciate so many others for what they do. I appreciate Dara for helping others with coding, I appreciate Brandi for always making me the most beautiful backgrounds, I appreciate QueenMili for making me such an amazing edit. I appreciate Alex98 for helping others, I appreciate CinnamonToast and her cuteness. I even enjoyed my conversations with Nelida. Seriously, I admire and appreciate you guys so much :heart:

Anyways, I thought on this thread we could share memories :heart_eyes: (OML I feel so episode old :joy: )

So, here’s a post I made back in 2017 on my IG:

Oh man I was flooded with people coming in my DMs, it was so crazy :rofl:

Also I know people wanna automatically become popular authors, but for me this wasn’t the case, I sort of wanted my stories hidden. I wanted to be a small author to see what the journey is like and how people treat you. And see, I did.

I have many more precious and/or funny and/or other kinds of memories to share. I’ll be sharing them all over this thread LOL-lots of love! :blob_hearts:

P.S If you think I didn’t post that above, feel free to check out my IG, on July 16, 2017 I posted a photo about Alexandria spamming me with likes and the photo is on there but edited and diff ha ha ha. I had to remove it due to too many requests, ah good times :lol:

Another memory = I learned spot directing from my friend’s fanmail. The first time I had a zoom in my story was in episode 6. I learned how to make pages for CC after someone told me the options covered their faces. I made an IG just to follow Alexandria :rofl:

Guys, let’s share memories we have <3 Despite everything I’m so thankful for Episode, it lead me such amazing people and I’ve had experiences that I’ll remember for a lifetime :wilted_flower: :blob_sun:


omg…memories…memories…memories…HANG ON I NEED TO TURN ON MY MEMORY FLASH BACK BRAIN! click


okay, I can’t remember much cuz its been like 2 or 3 years. OMG.SO MANY MEMORIES. THE DRAMA, THE FRIENDSHIPS, THE TEAM WORK, OMG… AND NOW…Wow.


what would u say your favorite yr was?
for me 2017 wasnt that good, 2018 was better. 2017 was mainly ig while 2018 was mainly forums :slight_smile:

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Tbh, I’m glad tht the drama DECREASED over the years. NO ONE BULLYING NO MORE NAME TALKING, but yet it still continues but not tht much. XD

I’m glad I’ve met you @JemU776 and others, there were so many friendly and kind ppl on forums, and yet others were a bit well dramatic, tbh, but all in all Im just glad I met few good people who got my back, always there for me when I need em and I have their backs to. Them helping me with my story, and art stuff. Talented people!

@CinnamonToast (I HOPE YOU DOING OKAY.)
@Lex2 (hm, I cant remember when we spoke)

there are a few more people, I’ll see if I can remember. XD


Yes, love Cinnamon Toast, QueenMilii, Lex, and I’d love the others, too if I knew them more am sure :joy: :heart_eyes: I KNOW I SAID IT MANY TIMES LMAO BUT I wasn’t planning on sticking around lol however Alexandria’s fanmail stopped me, it’s the reason i stayed, I’ll never forget it, I swear Imma frame it :rofl:


lol!!! I was planning on leaving because of all the drama but u know what, I stayed n helped out the best I could n still will until I’m ready to leave or just take a break.

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I’m glad you stayed, 2018-2019 are where my best memories are at :blush:

Another memory: @FlowerGriefer remember when I had a profile pic curse? I NEEDED serious HELP LOL :rofl:


Yes :joy: You did have a curse :rofl: I wasn’t much better myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m pretty sure I’m an enabler of said curse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: we’ve made so many for each other since then :sunglasses::kissing_heart::tulip:

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Awe, Jem! :yellow_heart: I’m thankful I made you as a friend as well. I think I was way too happy when you noticed me. I’ll come back later with some memories. I don’t have much though.


Oh well, I have a memory of a goldfish, but what I remember is when I finally decided to share one of my stories in a few review threads (3 I think). One reviewer didn’t really like it but didn’t provide much feedback either, the other one never made the review so I was nervously waiting for @amberose to send me feedback. At that time we didn’t talk that much, but you all know how amazing her reviews are, and I’m so grateful to her for all the help and advice I received, and I’m so glad I posted in her thread because I think that’s when we started to become friends.

The other thing that I won’t forget is how happy I was to receive fanmail from you, @JemU776. You guys made me want to write more and your constant support really means a lot and I will find a way to put you in my story and I’ll try to make it look like I didn’t break the guidelines

Wow, this was cheesy. I’m out :sweat_smile:


it’s beautiful i loooooooooooooooooooooove u guys sooooooooooooooooooooo much like a looooooooot :cry: :heart_eyes: Ik it was destiny to meet, all planned, the universe wants us all to be together so we will :sunglasses: :100:


Germafartaholic was the best memory I ever made oop

• Meeting my wifeyyy and our wedding :yum:

• Making the best cult ever, Sister Exposer$ eheh.

• Winning the Elimination Game :smirk:

• Oop Gaines ze catfish :clown_face:

• Pedishell LMAOOOOO

People that I made these memories with :triumph:


Awwwww this is one of my favourite memories too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll be coming back to this thread. I have to make a list for this one :rofl:


Getting blocked on IG by calling out someone catfishing, ah what a good memory, I really hammered at him (he’s an episode account) LOL :rofl:


My greatest memories here consist of being part of the ever-famous and original Mafia Cult Family, starting The Adoption Thread, making connection with different people from different parts of the world online and learning a lot about Internet slangs like LMAO, LOL, STG, STFU etc because I was higly illiterate in that department :rofl:

Some cool people with whom I made great memories –

@k.w.episode – Forever my favorite aunt :yellow_heart:
@SilverStar – Sistah!!! And ghost buddy for life :ghost:
@WinterMoon05 – Favorite Marvel Bestie :yay:
@_haruka – Loving and understanding human being with a big heart :heart:
@Sarina.K – Long gone but never forgotten :sunny:
@Coolepisodes – Awesome-tastic daughter! :grinning:
@PurpleRose – A very cool meme and poll poster :ok_hand:

I can’t remember many other awesome people out there who I want say thanks to, but no worries, I’ll add them when my dumb brain starts functioning again :rofl::sweat_smile:


Hi Marvel Bestie! :wave:t4:


Back in 2013-2014, when I was the minimum age to write stories, my first story idea was this drama about a bunch of people figuring out who is the blood-related heir to a reclusive millionaire named Sylvester (and another guy’s name was Mr Twit, as in Tweety Bird :sweat:).
I don’t remember what it was about, but I kinda coded my first scene and I happened to get an error, though I don’t remember for what. So anyways, I wrote this cheesy email to Support, asking for writing advice. And then one of the staff relaxing one of those generic automated messages about looking into the Forum.
Maybe it was around at least a year later, I first created my forum account, and named myself as such, 3 random syllables :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh! Umm… Well. I’ve been writing in Episode for about 3 years or so but I never published my first story yet. I remember the first time I discovered Episode, I was like HOW DO I DO THIS?! Then, I searched tutorials online then eventually I learned. I have a link to the first story I have ever made. (4 VERY SHORT EPISODES) I still cringe at my stories. :face_vomiting:

I still remember the times when Episode’s style was only classic. And when I saw Demi Lovato, I wanted to write in that style. Actually, I never knew you could write on Episode until my cousin told me! I started writing a lot in 2016 or something? Then a year later, I stopped writing for a very long time, I think a year? Then 2019 came and I started writing a lot again and I joined the Forums at 2018! So much has happened throughout those years.