Episode mobile story creator trouble! HELP!


Is it possible to change the character style in the mobile story creator? Mine is stuck on INK and I want it to be LimeLIght.

Thanks in advance :heart::heart:


I don’t there is a way to change it once u chose it


I didn’t choose it though


Then how is it in ink?


I clicked the create a new story button on the mobile editor and all the characters are INK for some reason


It should have given u an option to choose ink or limelight


it didn’t




The create section in the app doesn’t let you choose. You can only pick when Online- I hate it to and wish they can let us changed.


Ok, thanks for letting me know anyway


Sorry that this doesn’t help much :sweat_smile:


It’s not your fault


I believe if you type the title and add limelight in ( )'s it will create your story. Downfall not sure if you can transfer content or if you’ll have to start from scratch. Hope this helps.


I’ll try it out!