Episode Moonlight! - HIRING (Instagram Art Group)


Hi there! And welcome to the Episode Kitties application thread! I have created an account on Instagram and I still seek new members.

Episode Moonlight is an art group that helps the community out by making art for other episodians! We’re looking for new members!

We have jobs available!
Note: Episode Moonlight is also creating a writing group!

Jobs Available:

  • Character Edit Creators :art:
  • Cover Creators :art:
  • Video Edit Creators :clapper:
  • Splash Creators :art:
  • Background Edit Creators :art:
  • Profile Picture Creators :art:

You may have more than one job!

We will also need volunteers for side jobs: Outfit of the day, etc…

Comment if you want to enter! And your Instagram!


hi I would love to join and my instagram is chesirekitten10


I want to join, my instagram is Em_m_epauthor. I would love to do cover art. I’m pretty good at it.


What about episode star

  1. You didn’t sign up.
  2. It depends if the others wanna continue.


Okay! Thank you!


Thank you!


I have a question can I be into this group if I am in another? If not that is ok!


You certainly can be in another group and be in this one too!


What about Mr Flamel’s school of witchcraft and Wizardy
And episode stars


Could I be president ?:grinning:


Can I enter? My instagram is meadowheller_




Sure! I’ll follow all of your instas.


can i enter? if so my insta is @BossyRoxy.Episode!


May I enter? I’d like to be a video edit creator and a cover creator/ character edit creator. My ig is @epy.glaze.


I’ve already commented, but just to clarify id love to be anything artsy!




To everyone on this thread! All your applications have been accepted. Our new name is Episode Moonlight, and I will start a chat.


How to apply for this group? :slight_smile: