Episode Moonlight - Writing Group **OPEN APPLICATIONS**

Episode Moonlight is a writing group helping episodians’ entertainment grow.

Our Program

We will talk through Hangouts (gmail texting) and Forums. Our stories will be various depending on the votes of our members. You only have to be active twice or three times a week. We will write many stories of many different genres and we will vary in styles! INK and Limelight.

Our Art Group

We do have an art group if you want to search up “Episode Moonlight - Hiring (Instagram Art Group)” on forums!


Jobs Available:

  • Writers
  • Coders
  • Artists
  • Organizers/Managers

You may only have 2 jobs if you are active enough. If you are a manager/organizer, you cannot have another job.


Is 13 too young?

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It said it was on the application…

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I deleted that because I put 11, for some reason that didn’t work. I’m sorry, can you retry?


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I applied.

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