Episode movie idea

has anyone ever thought of making one long episode story chapter, but basically a movie?
ive thought ab it but i realized u need 3 chapters to publish.
still a cool idea.

also like if someone were to make a movie, it could be like the 1st chapter is a trailer 2nd is half of the movie and the 3rd is the last half.


That’s an AWESOME IDEA :heart_eyes:


yeah i may make one although i might get caught offguard bc its one long chapter


Yeah yrue but I really LOVE your idea
Can you send me your IG so I’ll know if you publish it ?

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Oh wait I already have it :joy:
Nevermind :joy:

lol im working on a story rn so ill probably wont publish the movie idea in like a while
but i could publish it in a few months if i get more ideas and a plot to it

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It works because movies are basically 3 acts, structurally, so it lends itself to a 3 part Episode story. I did this with my feature script “What Is This Thing Called Love?” and it fit into 3 long chapters quite elegantly. I tried breaking it down into more chapters (when first posted it was 9, now I can’t figure out how to delete 4-9), but found readers wanted longer chapters anyway, and I hadn’t considered the ticket cost to read that many. Now that Episode is changing their gem system, even more so.


LOVE the idea! Yeah you could do part 1 and part 2. Or just put it all in one chapter, and put cc templates in the second and 3rd lol.

I’ve seen an author do it :heart_eyes: she did an amazing job. She even added bloopers.