Episode music not working anymore

For some reason, the music on the app stopped working. I tried restarting my phone and the app itself and it still doesn’t work. The volume on my phone is on and it isn’t on vibration mode. Can someone help me?


I think it’s Episode’s bug…Episode and forums both has gone crazy after the update!!!
Sorry Episode :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s frustrating honestly even tho like the update is nice

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Weird, the first half of my episode story in the portal and app doesn’t play any music even tho i coded it.

(Excluding the intro, it works perfectly fine somehow)

Only the second half of my story on the portal and app plays music. This is so annoying cause i put in music all the way for my story, and none of my beta readers can hear the music in the first half too. I really need episode to fix this, I’m publishing on 16 nov and if it doesn’t get fixed by then the reader experience would be very much ruined.


Ikkk! But you know what? I tried on another device and the volume worked fine and when I went back to my usual phone, it was working again


Nvm i figured out the issue, i forgot to set the volume for music, thats why it wasn’t working
Funny cause ive been dealing with this for 6 months and its all because of something i coded


Wow are you kidding? Haha at least u finally figured it out! My music is back too

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This is still a bug that keeps occurring. Soft closing the app doesn’t always work and I have more than enough phone memory left.