Episode Music Not working

Hi ya’ll I wanted to know if anyone is having the same problem as me…

So i noticed today when i was playing/reading some stories on Episode at the beginning I was able to hear the music but after a 3 minutes later the music is gone so i have to get out of the app and back in and the music is on again but then it goes off and i have to keep repeating the process of exiting out and back.

Is it just me or is anyone else going through this too :thinking:


hey! i have the same problem! i tried everything there is possible but it just keeps happening and i don´t know how i can solve it!

@jeni.creates @esmayva Please submit help tickets to our support team and let them know about this issue. Thanks! :smiley:

This happens to me as well! Many of my friends and readers have told me the same thing happens to them as well. Some of my friends have even reported it but they blamed it on their device. But It happens to me and I have a brand new iPad, and it’s ONLY with episode. Other apps don’t do that for me. And it does work eventually, but usually only after exiting and re-entering the app multiple times.

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It’s a weird bug. But I found an odd solution that has worked for me. When adding music you have to do this in order for it to actually work in the story when on the Episode App:

music music_spookyaction
volume music 100 0

or (if you want the music to fade in.)

music music_spookyaction
volume music 0 0
volume music 100 2000

This is best solution, my friend. It has worked for me.