Episode Musicals

So for a long time I’ve thought about the idea of writing musicals on Episode rather than straight stories. I think it would be super cool!

However, like any idea, there are drawbacks. Timing actions with music would be nearly impossible given readers would have to read lyrics as the music plays at their own speed. And reading lyrics while listening to the music rather than hearing them isn’t ideal either. There’s also the method of recording yourself and uploading them to the Episode portal, if that option would ever be available. And though exposure is nice, I know authors wouldn’t want to give the rights of their own work to Episode. And of both of those aren’t drawbacks, there is also the fact that many people don’t enjoy musicals, and either would not read the story or would skip through all of the song, if it was in text.

Overall though I am just fond of the concept. I’d like to give it a try maybe sometime in the future, and perhaps be the first person in the Epsiode community to make it happen!

What do you think about bringing musicals to Episode? Yay or nay? Vote in the poll and discuss below!

  • Love the idea! (Yay)
  • Eh, it’s alright.
  • I am neutral.
  • I hate it. (Nay)

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Come on guys, let’s talk! :c Don’t leave me hangin’! Lol