Episode Mystery Helpers

Hello episode community! We are a group called Episode Mystery Helpers and we solve mysteries. Do you have any drama you need help fixing, or any mysteries you need solved? Then you’ve come to the right place. Comment down below and we will assign you to a detective through a PM., or PM us directly. Once you reach out, you will receive many different pieces of advice from a few of our very talented and compassionate group members.

Our goal: To minimize drama in the episode community

We strive to help people work out their differences in order to form a better community. If you need our help, describe your problem and we will contact the accused and politely try to fix what is going on. We have personally gone through a lot of online drama, and now we hope to end it. Don’t be afraid to ask for our help. We love helping people :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


hi… I feel like someone has been a fake friend… could you help?

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Of course describe down below or pm us :yum:

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Hi I feel like someone is trying to bring my group down can you help

well… we’ve been friends for a while but… they uh… seem two faced. What do I do

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Could you describe the issue please?


They have been stealing our memebrs also saying mean stuff to us and trying to blackmail us we don’t know what to do

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Okay well I suggest you talk it out with them. A lot of people have multiple personalities and can act different around certain groups of people. Ask them why they are acting one way around you and if they get mad, remember to keep your cool. Be the bigger person and don’t let them get to you. If you feel as if you are not ready to talk it out with them, continue to observe them and wait till you are ready. If this behavior continues, I say ignore it. A friend who is rude to you, or not there for you, doesn’t deserve to be your friend. Come to us if this continues :relaxed:

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Also idk what to do. someone keeps threatening me everytime I don’t delete a comment.

Well I’d suggest you just forgive each other and move on with your lives, I mean this isn’t worth your group being torn apart.

Reach out to them and talk it out. How long has this feud been going on?

since the group started one of the member has gone to our group chat whenever her and the president come on drama just start no one can stop it and all the members are leaving well some

I agree with Ann. Drop the feud. It seems to be one of those things that will just tear both parties apart. Focus on what the group was originally made for and drop the drama. Drama can be painful and it doesn’t need to exist. If you forgive them I’m sure they will forgive you :sparkling_heart:


well its has stop today we have x her out but we think she may come back

Well, I hope your drama gets fixed. Have a nice night!

Episode Mystery Helpers
“We love helping people”

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I nned some help please!!!

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how may we help you

Give us the details! :relaxed:

Welll, I’m kinda stuck…

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hmm what’s the problem…?

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