Episode needs other ways of earning gems

As an reader, I find very annoying and absolutely terrible that Episode has no other ways of earning gems, oher reading their boring, cliché and terrible new stories for gems and paying money. Ever since they removed the 7 day streak and replaced with only awful limited offers where you read 5 chapters of their newest story and earn 6 gems, then claim 1 in the offers which makes 7 and when you read Episode Featured stories, you only get 1 gem per chapter. I honestly think they should bring the 7 day streak cause it was a good way if earning extra passes and gems. But now that’s gone, Episode really needs ways of earning gems instead of sitting there and reading a 5 mintue chapter of one their terrible featured stories, as well as not paying tons of money just for couple of gem choices that around 19 and 29 gems (the usually price nowadays) .

Here’s good ways of earning gems

• Daily rewards
Everyday when you go into the app, you will get either 5 or 10 gems. You might get 5 on some days and 10 on the other.
• Spin the wheel
Feeling lucky :four_leaf_clover:? Then why do you spin the wheel :ferris_wheel: and get a maybe prize :trophy:
You will get these many if you spin the wheel
Jackpot 50

• Watching ads
Watching ads will earn you 2 gems

If you have any more ideas, please tell me.


They didn’t remove the 7 day streak. I still have it. The 6 gems things is just an additional thing they added
And if you want this to happen, you can support my topic.

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I don’t have the 7 day streak where you on some got passes on some days and on the other, you will get gems beacuse it removed. But I’m guessing your ios user, since you still have it and I since I am Samsung user. Also I would be happily to support your topic.

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Yes, I’m using ios… sorry to hear that it was taken away for Samsung users. That’s unfair. :pensive:

I honestly feel as though it is not that hard to just tap through their stories and avoid gem choices. :woman_shrugging: But that is just my opinion. The point is to back you into a corner, I mean they need to make money. We get to read stories on the app for free. Nobody is really forcing you to pay gems, you can always exit. And if you get a super pass you don’t need to waste passes and you only need to read the story through once. Then when you go onto the story to replay it will give you one for completing a chapter (or it does for me). I have 400 and something gems from reading those stories. I could select multiple choices because I read them once through before I even think about spending gems. This is just my opinion, I understand why you might not like them but what do you really expect? :woman_shrugging: Watching ads for gems is a good idea tho.

Yeah, not mention I think android users got it taken too which it’s make it more unfair. Don’t want to rude but in my opinion, I feel like Episode treats ios users better than android.


They do.

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I respect your opinion and thanks for saying that the watching ads is a good idea.

Yeah, I thought about it and then I straight knew it. It’s true.