Episode Needs to Fix This Problem-

The context of this situation is that a children’s book author named Madame Butterfly is trying to help save my business that centers around books. Anyways in the story, my father was addicted to alcohol after my mother’s death and he used to illustrate books. Unfortunately, it gets very bad to the point that he is sent to the hospital after passing out from an overdose. Luckily he was able to go sober for two months as he went to therapy.

Madame Butterfly wanted my dad’s illustrations in her upcoming book for the deal to take place. My dad said that he no longer illustrates for books, so Madam Butterfly leaves, feeling upset that he won’t do it for her. The gem choice pressures the reader into convincing Madam Butterfly to work with you on your business.

It hurts me to even have to type this message about the Episode. I feel like this might be the last straw for playing Episode Stories that include gems. I’m just tired of being given very toxic and unreasonable gem choices that make the reader feel terrible for not paying that choice. Some real people have dealt with addictions to alcohol and those who struggle financially with their businesses and do not end up making it into doing what they love. Those who are able to attend and afford therapy are very fortunate people. Most people don’t like to talk about their feelings especially about something so personal. Not only that, but it is super hard to get over an addiction to alcohol. These choices can be triggering for people who have dealt with trauma like this.

I expected better from your Episode. I understand that you guys want to make money for your app, but this is so not the right way to do that. PLEASE DO BETTER.

Story: The Billionare’s Bride by Viola Musaraj


That is how episode works, they guilt trip you into spending money, and the worst thing is it dosent matter because it wont change the story. That is why i keep away from the featured stories i cant enjoy Reading while been guilt trip for money all the time.


I totally agree! I wish they didn’t do this. I think that from now on I will be focusing on reading more stories that are not featured on Episode and that do not have any gem choices.


I won’t read them. but wow!


Thats just how Episode is and gem choices have no real affect on the story, in the end of Billionaire Bride Madame Butterfly agrees to help the business and even attends the wedding

Also the dad was an alcoholic not a drug abuser