Episode needs to put an end to these bad boy stories

I’ve had Episode for a pretty long time now, but there’s only one thing I just haven’t seemed to be able to wrap my mind around; Why’re there still people writing stories about bad boys who treat the MC like shit, why people are actually reading them, & why Episode hasn’t hasn’t done anything about this issue yet?
For example, Chain Reaction, a story that’s, even though completed, is ALWAYS in the trending section.
Do I really even need to explain why it’s an issue?
In the first Episode, the MC is kidnapped by a gang leader and almost killed by him, and the worst part is, that guy is her love interest. And he’s a very shitty person, always treats the MC like a piece of crap. You’d think at least after they “fall in love” his behavior would change, but it doesn’t. He always cusses out at the MC, always threaten her, & goes crazy when she doesn’t obey his commands. And sadly, this is the case in every single one of the author’s stories (which’re also always in the trending section). “MC, I’ll fucking kill you if you don’t blah blah”!!! “MC, don’t you fucking dare even talk to that guy, you’re mine”!!! Basically, just the LI going psycho.
Anyway, speaking of psychos, there’s been a story out called “My Psycho” for a few months, and the love interest is literally. A. Psycho.
He’s a criminal, murderer, he doesn’t even show respect to his OWN BROTHER. He treats the MC like ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. He sexually harasses her, and HE FUCKING RAN OVER HER WITH A CAR. HE WANTED TO GO AFTER MC’S PARENTS, AND KILL THEM, TO HURT HER AND SEE HER IN PAIN. MULTIPLE TIMES HE TALKS ABOUT HOW MUCH HE ENJOYS KILLING OTHER PEOPLE. And that’s all only in 9 episodes. Does the author think she’s making him seem hot by all this shit?? Why can’t she (and almost every single other author) just once romanticize a nice, sane, GOOD guy???!! There’s no exuse for the psycho’s kinda behavior, and she sure as hell shouldn’t make such a person the LOVE INTEREST in her story.
Anyway, moving on.
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of “The Shaw Brothers”. It’s got a good few million reads, & the author is gaining followers, readers, art, & edits like crazy in the Episode Instagram community.
The story revolves around a love triangle, between an average girl, a good, golden boy and his brother, who just happens to be the baddest of all the bad boys. He’s murdered someone with his twin sister once (the brothers are only related on their dad’s side, he was just another bad boy who knocked up two girls in high school at the same time, hence why the bad brother has a twin sister and not the good brother), and he’s SUCH A FUCKING BAD PERSON. He’s always so rude to everyone and the MC, whereas the good brother has always been nice to her. The only issue he has is some anger issues which later results in him going crazy for a month but then he fixes himself up, which, btw, is NOTHING compared to the other LI, he’s been crazy his WHOLE DAMN LIFE, and I don’t see HIM fixing himself up.
Also, the good brother and MC were in a relationship for a short amount of time but then break up bc of the dude’s anger issues, and then after he fixes himself tf up he attempts to get back with the MC, but before that happens, THE BAD BROTHER, WHO’S BEEN A DICK TOWARDS MC HIS ENTIRE LIFE, TRIES TO GET WITH THE MC, AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW?? SHE ACCEPTS. So you suddenly just forgot everything he put you through before, huh?
Why can’t we all, just, start glorifying the good guys? There’s nothing wrong or unromantic about a guy who isn’t a bad boy, someone who’s always nice and cute. Not always rude and a mf lil bitch.
@ Episode, do something about this, PLEASE. I’m sick and tired of all these authors making the idea of a shitty bad boy seem infatuating and hot.


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Um…no offense but its the authors ideas to put these kinds of bad boy n good guy stuff in their stories. Can’t control them on what they want to put in their stories. If you dont like it, dont read it. Lol. Im just saying though. Not to offend u or anything.


… That’s some good tea.


I’m seriously confused on the author of “My Psycho” and her constant contradicting herself. I haven’t bothered reading past the 2nd chapter tbh, but I heard about the car part. The author says she’s not trying to glamorize Ryder, yet in fanmail, she openly admits to “shipping” them and ffs, does everything her warnings in the beginning says she won’t do lmao.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention Pregnant by a Killer. Liam (of course the bad boy name would be Liam) is a huge asshole, but still a love interest somehow and when you think his bro Jason, might have some redeemable qualities, he is godawful too (probably not nearly the same degree). Accused MC of victimizing herself as if she’s the one thrreatening to kill others, rape people in front of parents (or cripple said parents/making you CHOOSE who to cripple) when he finds out she had sex with his bro (at a vulnerable moment too). Not once mentioned anything other than that, like idk, the MC being forced into the gang?? Liam striking her (or about to)??? It’s a poorly written, clickbait story imo. No offense to those who read it.

I’m someone who can stomach horrific shit, whether its’ gore or violence (coming from all sorts of negative experiences myself), but I could not contain my disgust after just a few chapters. It has more to do on how its’ glamorized or said toxic person is “hot” and “not maybe always an asshole.” Just look at the description of the story pertaining to Liam: “sexy gang leader”. Nothing else. Not sociopath. Not abusive shithead. Just “sexy” being used to describe such.

Same thing with It Starts With A Bra, and like a zillion popular user stories (or anything starting with a bad boy). Is it really hard to write a flirty, mysterious and yet sweet LI? So far, the only LI in my story seems to have tats, attractive and isn’t a complete tit lol.


The only “bad boy” story I would recommend is Rebounding with Bad. I GUESS Ian would be a bad boyish, but he’s super sweet and the story is actually fun/hilarious lol. He’s more rebellious if anything. He Can’t Tame Me is about a bad GIRL, but the story and characters are absolutely wonderful.

Probably one of the bare few I’d recommend that take place in high school. I don’t give a rats ass about hs stories honestly.


Writers can’t advance without valid criticism either. “Just saying” lol.

There’s a reason that fanmail and feedback pages exist. You’re right in them having free reign in what they should write about, even if its problematic and promotes toxic values to the readers who can be as young as age 13.

But just like how you can’t control their content, you can’t control opinions of readers and audience either. Many of them deserve far more than negative criticism tbqh, because it’s repulsive seeing shit like this glamorized.

If they can’t take valid criticism, they shouldn’t be writing in a public platform lol.


lol yeah

Yes I agree.
I think good guys should be appreciated more!