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Hi :smiley:! So i am an author myself and i rlyyyyyyyyy love the new outfits that they have added but one thing that annoys me are the glitches.

I have a sister that also always gets these glitches when writing her story and its really annoying because we spend hours trying to figure out what it is.

one example is when you have a dressing choice and then you click which outfit you want. you then go onto the next scene but it takes you back to a previous scene. does that make sense?


what is MEANT to happen:

  1. the MC is at a coffee bar with her friend and they talk
  2. the MC goes home and gets dressed for a party
  3. the MC goes to the party

what ACTUALLY happens:

  1. the MC is at a coffe bar with her friend and they talk
  2. the MC goes home and gets dressed for a party
  3. the MC is at a coffee bar with her friend (but she is in her party outfit?!)


you have a set of coding where it pans from one zone to another and people are in certain positions talking to each other BUT the people don’t move for some reason so you have to change the order of your coding…

Ik that this isn’t just a coding error because sometimes that happens when i preview it and sometimes it doesn’t do that.

please tell me if its just me :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Do you mean you preview earlyer. if they go throgh a clothing command it will stay on. Its not a glitch its how the script work. Lothing change is a permant command going through will stay that way until you do another there change . Like change clothes again. It dosent affect before you go through

When you go through a clothing change command and the preview it eayler they will keep it on because they went through a permanent command. This do not affect readers because they cant jump back and forth in a script. Like authors do.

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oh yes ik that when you repreview it its normal to have the characters in a different outfit but when i preview it from the start, it doesnt go in the order of sccenes that i want it to go…

and it sometimes happens not always

Again not a glitch. Commands have to be in right ordet to work.

Example if you do animation first then spot then in scene. Then they wont do it because they where not the scene

Codeing is complex and need to be do correct to work.

I am 99% sure its not a glitch but you who do something wrong in the code.

If it go back to coffe shop after clothing choice you most have put a goto in a wrong place.

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ok I will check now, thx

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it didn’t work, but i reloaded it and now it works…

thanks anyway for your help, i will keep it in mind :heart: :heart:

That’s just how it works. When you change an outfit, it stays the same throughout the story (portal) even if you preview it from the start again unless there is a different outfit command added.

In other words, if you preview it from first after previewing it once before without reloading and without adding a different outfit command at the start, it’ll still show the outfit that was changed the last time you previewed (in your case, the party outfit). Hopefully, that makes sense :sob:. If you try it on your mobile, it’ll not be seen as a glitch.


I second this^


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