Episode needs to take better care of their “customers”

Wether you are a writer or a reader we are episodes customers, we either spend money or help them gain money by watching the ads.

We are keeping them in business but they don’t show they care!

For example a lot of us have complained about the 30 day free passes. But there has been little to no feedback when we ask them why they removed it.

My biggest issue with them is, the lack of support when submitting a ticket! There have been a few times I have emailed them with a (glitch) and get the same feedback “look at our fourm for support.” When I reply telling them that it is 100% a glitch and not my coding they either don’t reply or send me information for my coding… it is definitely not my coding!

My issue is to do with music and sound. I can mute sounds with no problem but I can’t mute music, I have checked coding, asked on here etc etc it is definitely a glitch which is gone unfixed because episode won’t listen to me and look into it!


Same applies to fanmail for us android users. It’s been like a year without it since the feature was removed and Episode never said anything on it :frowning_face: :pleading_face:


So true :roll_eyes:. That’s why I avoid submitting a ticket to them, because all they do is copy and paste all their answers. I feel like they don’t really pay attention to their reader’s requests, as long as they have the money everything is fine.
I know Episode is a business first and foremost, but they wouldn’t be where they are today without the majority of their player. I see more and more authors and readers complaining about the way they do things, but it seems they don’t care and that’s a shame. When I see that authors don’t have the motivation to write on Episode anymore and turn to other interactive platforms that recognize their talent, and allow them to let their imagination run wild it makes me sad because what does Episode do to make things better? Nothing. If they continue to neglect their community, many will continue to leave.

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I agree! The support system is very inconsistent, because sometimes they can take a few days to respond but sometimes they can take months to respond. :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

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What!? I have had to wait weeks but months wow that is a long time to wait for a response that some of the time can end up generic like when they responded on the plus bug I have when reading my story on phone/tablet. It was check the forums for help with coding and this is a known issue. Like the response before was they had no idea this was happening so yeah of course it is a known issue because I told them and I am sure I wasn’t the first. :neutral_face:


I had an issue with my cover and I emailed them and the next day they replied saying “Ive forwarded it to the cover team you should hear back soon”

It’s been 12 days and I’ve emailed them again asking for a update and no response

I get it can be difficult during this time but they could at least be honest, I have no issue with a company struggling to reply to everyone in a certain amount of time but to either ignore them or send them a bot message just isn’t it…

Just be honest to your customers we’ll understand


Agreed. I want it back!