Episode new update

How many of already updated episode app?

I think mine already updated because the icon for the app changed, why? :thinking:

Did you get the feed option ??

I don’t think I have it yet, let me have a look

Because i just got notified from a YouTube video by @jennacreates

I know it’s not available to everyone yet, so that’s why some people don’t have it. I don’t have it yet, but I wonder when it’s going to be released to everyone.

Do you have an iPhone???

Yeah, why?

I mean is this update for iPhone users?

Because i have one plus 5t and i just updated my app but still i don’t have it yet

I’m not completely sure, I’ve not really heard much about it other than what it is and that not everyone has access to it yet.

What i just learned from that video is that this feed update version is that you can post, like others posts, repost the posts, create poles and stuff.

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post :v:t2:

Ohkay…but can you answer me then?

He doesn’t need to answer, he is a moderator just so you know…

🤦but i needed that answer so i asked :joy:

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Haha okay :joy:

This feature isn’t available to all right now…
Its still in the testing so only the Episode authors are obliged to these services…

:joy::joy::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: he should know that right

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Ohhhhhh that’s why I don’t have it yet🤔