Episode newbie: questions about music, test-read and art scenes 📝

Hello guys!
After being a very active reader and supporter I started to create my very first story :wink:
I’m learning a lot about how to code and stuff and I have a lot of ideas too but also… questions to you :sweat:

I hope you will help me :pray: Let’s go with the first three :hugs:

  1. I’m a graphic designer and I probably will create my art scenes by myself - it is ok?

  2. I won’t use sounds in my story but I was thinking about creating a mood playlist on spotify and for some moments/scenes in my story I will put a „reader message” on the top with the title to tell about the song of the moment… what do you think? Of course I will post the link somewhere to let the readers know and listen!

Actually I have plenty of songs in my head during writing this story… gah! I need your advise :wink:

  1. After how many ‚ready’ episodes I should give them to test-read on the forum? The more the better?

Wish me luck!
Thank you for your help guys :heart:

  1. Of course it would, sure is it good to support other artist and buy from them - yes but if you can do it yourself then that is amazing and an opportunity to show your own talent. :hugs:

  2. Not everyone likes sounds and music but others really like it such as episode themselves. It is a valid criteria for contest entries and stories in general. The thing about this is too that some people don’t have spotify, I do but others may not with all the ads and not being able to pay for premium. Also you can’t control what comes on unless you have all the songs in order and let people know about the order. Like if there is a sad song going on at a happy moment it won’t make sense, you know what I mean? Sounds are really useful so you might want to use them occasionally and the people who can’t listen to music/don’t want to don’t have to sit in silence the whole time. Also I have come across people who are deaf so if you don’t want to use sounds closed captions will work. :+1:

  3. I guess the ideal would be three since that is your minimum chapters proofread. But if you have a proofreader then you can probably ask them to work for you when you want and they are free. :woman_shrugging:


yes as long as they do not break the content guidelines (nudity, gorry details etc.)

personally I don’t like episode’s music so I don’t use it but yeah I would love to see that in stories.

3 is the most logical, to avoid beta-readers just tapping through the story because they might be feeling overwhelmed if there are more than five. but it’s up to you as well. like if you want to publish a story completed, or just the first 3 episodes or just 5-6 episodes.


Thank you!

@bakedpotato see? I didn’t think about the things you told me about the music! This is going to be helpful making my decision!
And about the digital art… I think one day I will help people here - when I gain as much confidence as I need :wink: I have a different style… more “oil painting”(ish) so not everybody will like it :confused:

@AlexandraD yes! Of course I will follow the rules :smiley: Thank you!

Ok, so let me pamper these 4 episodes before I throw them to the epi-wolves :wink:

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I agree with @bakedpotato !

This is going to be irrelevant and that’s why I’m blurring it, but could I see some of your art pieces? I’m just curious. I’m a new artist, and when I look at someone else’s art, it kinda gives me inspiration and motivation. But if you’re not comfortable with it, then that’s entirely up to you :sparkles:

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Yes to all of them…and my curiosity can really suck sometimes, could I possibly see your work? (with watermark if your not comfortable:)

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Ohh! :see_no_evil:
@nuha.episode and @IrisLevont - can I send you this via private message? I’m still looking for my style and every art is taking me ages to finish :woman_facepalming: Plus I’m shyyy and afraid! :see_no_evil:
I created (way too soon I think) a cover art for my story… I can show you this if you are ok with the private message :wink:

of course!

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Of course! I’ll pm you :))

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