Episode Nostalgia


I remember I got into Episode when the first season of Demi came out, with the likes of Glamanour Heights, Haunted, Campus Crush

Do you guys remember the old stories on the app, way back in like 2014/2015? Which one was your favorite? Mine has got to be Lovesick by Taylor Carson - one of the only comedies on this app that had me laughing out loud every episode. :’) Shame it was never finished…

And I’m talking about the oldddd stories lol.


I remember campus crush when it was in classic LMAOOO! I


I loved Always Talk to Strangers (it was probably a cliche . . . idk hahahah I can’t remember what it was about.) I also liked Brother My Brother (shame on myself for liking such a cliche story!)

I also liked both of the 30 days to find love & 300 days to find love. I read the second before the first and didn’t get some of the references, enjoyed it nevertheless.’


Ahh, the good old days :joy: I don’t know if this was even out then (I’m pretty sure it was), but I loved Tangled Love


Besides Joseph Evans’ The Phoenix Prophecy, I really liked 30 Days to Find Love. If I’m not mistaken it was actually one of the first Episode stories to feature a POC as the MC.


I remember playing the classic campus crush. Lovesick was amazing and Im sad it didn’t finish.


Haha I remember the old Campus Crush.
I also liked Party Girls lol and Glamanour Heights (or something like that?).
I probably wouldn’t read any of those stories today, but they were great back then :rofl:


Omg I got into episode the exact same time as you,
Loved Campus Crush, Always Talk To Strangers, Party Girls, Tangled Love (Original) & more.
Honestly i’d still absolutely read these type of stories today.


I absolutely loved Party Girls !!
I just now realized how short each episode is. Like click three times and the Episode is over.

Joseph Evan’s Original stories were pretty epic too. Ember Effect has a special place in my heart.


The Phoenix Prophecy too.
& yes Party Girls honestly could’ve condensed the 50+ eps into 25-30 long eps.
I also read the sequel Party Girls Rehab which was good


Ahahaha I read Brother My Brother too and I also liked it :speak_no_evil:


tangled love (classic) was always my favourite, party girls, in another life ( something like that ), for my sister, I also love the non feature ones like finding ember, The royal crown (i think thats what it was called) i remember when the community was small but loveable, so innocent. I loved it, and i miss it. i find myself tearing up thinking about the old episode.

Sorry I keep editing it, I just keep remember the classics


Apparently Finding Ember is supposed to be updated this month? That’s what the author’s Instagram says…


I came around in late 2016, but from that epi-era, I loved The Pheonix Prophecy and Campus Crush, for sure.


Kill my love The orignial*
Jesus, Campus crush is everything! :heart:


I loved that “Tech Girl” story, with the black girl Savannah. And the one about the Pinks and Blacks. What was the name of that story?.. I loved the original Real Hollywood, Party Girls, the story about the band, Hunted, and the Phoenix Prophecy!


@loveyourself gir1.c0d3… something like that. I remember that! I loved it.


The story with the pink and the blacks was one of my favourites the only thing I can remember about it now is the word “cedar” and I don’t know why


Super Secret Cedar Hill


That explains the word “Cedar” :joy::joy: