Episode not downloadable

Samsung Galaxy J36
When will episode be available for me?

What’s your Android version?
I guess it must be 4.0 or more

Is that an older phone or a newer phone? If newer, Episode may be updated to support your device, but if older you may need to update your phone.

I’ve updated my phone to the latest android version. It’s a Samsung Galaxy J36.

I am sorry to hear about this. If you are using an Android device and see a banner with an (!) on the Google Play Episode download page, you can tap this icon to find out more information about why your device is incompatible.

Additionally, if you have recently rooted your Android device, this can block apps from being downloaded from Google Play. In the case of rooted devices, please contact a Google Play representative for further assistance. If you feel that this might be a mistake please submit a request to our support team who can help you. Thanks!